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The Modern Builder for the New Millennium!

Primus Property & Maintenance Ltd. offers an innovative designs that are adaptable to Papua New Guinea through high standard of workmanship. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service excellence to every client everyday in order to achieve our goal to build for perfection.
Our company is bringing its wealth of engineering and construction expertise to develop infrastructure aimed at further propelling the PNG nation forward, into the new millennium and beyond.

Message from the CEO

It has been my honor and privilege to serve the Papua New Guinea communities over the past ten (10) years. Over that period, I have managed to work with various individuals, government institutions, corporate companies and other private agencies on property management and maintenance and construction services via our high caliber level of manpower and world class services.

In the pursuit of our corporate mission, we will uphold the dignity and respect the rights of our shareholders.  We totally commit our resources, energies and expertise to:

Our Customers

We will make their needs our primary concern.  We will assure customer satisfaction at all times in accordance with the highest ethical standards of service.
Our Employees

We will treat our employees with fairness and justice. We will provide opportunities for their development and advancement.

Our Community and Country

We will maintain a mutually satisfying relationship with our business associates and partners.  We will be a good corporate citizen, abiding by the laws of the land and actively participating in nation-building efforts.

We will live by the virtues of integrity, commitment, service excellence, teamwork and innovation.  We believe that our strength and success as an organization spring from these virtues, from the goodness of our hearts, from our responsibility to our customers and to our country, and from our Creator’s beneficence.

It is our commitment to live up with our vision to satisfy the benchmark and standard of every customer through our team effort, steadfast endeavor, high standard expertise and quality services. We believe that exceptional skill and vast experience are the keys to best – quality construction. Our business philosophy is to make client comfortable by providing professionalism, communication and a feeling of partnership with our ultimate goal being a client satisfaction and a project Primus Property & Maintenance can take pride in.

We understand and respect the need for flexibility and the room for negotiation on every project that we undertake in order to satisfy our clients.  Our company recognizes the value of satisfied customers, the value of repeat business and the value of positive references. These vital elements are motivating factors in our eagerness and dedication to produce a product worthy of tribute and praise.

Primus Property & Maintenance is a part of the vanguard for the nation building and real estate development thus we offer modern property management & maintenance services and innovative construction designs that are adaptable to Papua New Guinea. Our goal is to provide every client a product that anyone in the industry would take pride in!