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Primus Property & Maintenance is a duly incorporated company registered as a Business Name under the Business Names Act. 8 (4), (5), of the Investment Promotion Authority, PNG. The company is a division of JEMS GROUP OF COMPANIES, which incorporated in Port Moresby last May 2003 and has been successfully operating lots of divisions in the field of financing, stationery & supplies, tailoring, manpower & training, electrical, cabling and property & maintenance.

This company deals with numerous small & medium scale constructions, property management and maintenance and property beautification or "house spa". Its services compose of civil, electrical and mechanical works both for residential and commercial establishments. The company is equipped with several skilled and competent tradesmen, engineers, experts and consultants on various specializations.

Despite of its early incorporation as a property and maintenance firm, it has been able to accomplish various projects from different parts of Port Morseby, NCD and other provinces of Papua New Guinea. Most of its projects are residential constructions, property renovations and general maintenance that involve civil, electrical and mechanical works.

Corporate Philosophy


    We shall become credible, dependable and successful customer-oriented Property and Maintenance Company that will satisfy the quality and standard of every customer via our high caliber manpower and world class services.
  • Our Customers

    We will make their needs our primary concern.  We will assure customer satisfaction at all times in accordance with the highest ethical standards of service.

    To fervently cater and honestly help the residents of Papua New Guinea with our best & overwhelming effort, steadfast endeavor and high standard expertise through the utilization of our available resources and adequate and efficient services at all possible times.

  • Our Employees

    We will treat our employees with fairness and justice. We will provide opportunities for their development and advancement.


Our Community and Country

We will maintain a mutually satisfying relationship with our business associates and partners. We will be a good corporate citizen, abiding by the laws of the land and actively participating in nation-building efforts.

We will live by the virtues of integrity, commitment, service excellence, teamwork and innovation. We believe that our strength and success as an organization spring from these virtues, from the goodness of our hearts, from our responsibility to our customers and to our country, and from our Creator s beneficence.


Our management team is comprised of highly trained people with an average of 8 years experience in their respective fields. The current management team is as follow:

Chief Executive Officer
- Eddie D. Salazar
Financial Controller/Director - Mary Grace J. Salazar
Finance and Admin Manager
- Arcelie Nicolas
Operations Manager - Dennis Alumani
IT Manager - Paolo Geronimo
- Erick Rivera
Project Manager - Victor Manese
Project Manager - Arnel D. Torres
Maintenance Manager - Hermes Abella
Maintenance Supervisor - Jun G. Lagmay
Electrical Manager - Rufino M. San Luis Jr.
Electrical Supervisor - Rolando Mendoza
Workshop Manager - Arnel V. Yumul
Construction Supervisor
- Whilan G. Quiambao
Fabrication Supervisor
- Rufino R. Lopez
Joinery Supervisor - Jeffery Pascual
General Foreman - Allan Sani
Construction foreman - Gary Manese
Construction foreman - Whilan Quiambao
Construction foreman - Lorenz Quiambao
Construction foreman - Koia Kedia
Architectural Draftsman - Moi Giyopipisi
Sales Coordinator - Daniel Pia